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GeoMOOSE Roadmap

The development team for GeoMOOSE put together for a roadmap for the next few foreseeable versions of GeoMOOSE. This list is subject to change depending upon available funding and interest of contributors. Here’s what has been targeted for each version:

GeoMOOSE 2.0 Final Release (targeted for June, 2009)

This will primarily consist of bug fixes identified from the beta release. Features in this release include; performance enhancements, new configuration files, integration with OpenLayers library, zoom navigation tools, measure tools, layer controls (tip, max/min scale, opacity and legends), identify service, itemquery service, buffer service, select service, mailing labels service, print service, popup service, feature report service, ability to define your own tabs and projects and feature editor service using PostGIS. A unified demo combining the old state and county demos. Update website and implement trac for bug reporting and feature requests

GeoMOOSE 2.2 Release (targeted for Fall of 2009)

  • geocoder service using google maps api (contributed)
  • query builder service (partially funded)
  • more documentation
  • support for tilecache layers
  • saving user state for layers and location
  • animation for WMS-T layers
  • support for Google maps layers
  • ability to add markers to the map
  • document the GeoMOOSE api
  • add/remove map services
  • KML output
  • wrapping text of long fields in the feature report

GeoMOOSE 2.4 Release (no set target date)

New print service based on Cario library (need to wait for MapServer 6.0 release)

GeoMOOSE 3.0 Release (no set target date)

Possible integration with Ruby on Rails framework (need to discuss this further)