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Settings.ini Reference Guide

The settings.ini file found in the conf folder is a text document used as the general configuration file for a GeoMOOSE application. It configures things such as projection, paths, mailing labels. For an example of a settings.ini file, please refer to the GeoMOOSE demo and the file in the conf folder. This reference guide explains the optional settings.


  • mapbook – location of default mapbook


  • projection – EPSG code of coordinate system for the map


  • root – root for the mapfiles
  • temp – web accessible location of the temp files relative to the root of the domain


This setting specifies which metadata parameters in the mapfiles are used for the identify service output templates.

  • identify_header=identify/header.html
  • identify_footer=identify/footer.html
  • wms_header=identify/wms_header.html
  • wms_record=identify/wms_record.html
  • wms_footer=identify/wms_footer.html


  • highlight_map – this setting specifies which mapfile should be used to symbolize the selected or highlight feature on the map


This setting specifies which metadata parameters in the mapfiles are used for the itemquery service output templates.

  • itemquery_header=itemquery/header.html
  • itemquery_footer=itemquery/footer.html
  • itemquery_miss=itemquery/miss.html


These setting specify formatting options for the labels generated from the mailing labels service. Specifies how many rows/columns to print per page:

  • label_rows=10
  • label_columns=3

Specifies page layout information (only applies to PDF Format):

  • label_origin_x=.25
  • label_origin_y=.5
  • label_width=2.5
  • label_height=1

Specifies Font for the label output (only applies to PDF Format):

  • label_font=Arial
  • label_font_size=8

Specifies the settings for the actual lines of the label. The items in parentheses relate to the data source in the mailing labels service. Items must be enter with parentheses and case sensitive field name.

  • label_lines=3
  • label_line_1=%OWNER_NAME%
  • label_line_3=%CITY%, MN %ZIP%

If this is set to “true” then any blank lines in the labels will be “collapsed” in the PDF output.

  • label_lines_collapse=true