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How to Add Google, Yahoo, or Bing Layers

Notes on All Layers

  • Commercial layers can only be used as basemap layers. You cannot elevate them any higher in the list.
  • Commercial layers cannot be printed. The licensing agreements for these layers do not allow them to be printed.
  • You must shift your map into Web Mercator (aka “the Google Projection”). Please read Changing the Projection

How to Add Google Layers

Step 1: Add the Google API to geomoose.html

  • Open “geomoose.html” in a text editor.

  • Find the <script.. tag that contains ‘OpenLayers.js’ in the ‘src’ attribute.

  • Then add the Google API, the code should look like this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="OpenLayers-2.8/OpenLayers.js"></script>

Step 2: Add the Google map-source Definitions

Now it is necessary to put the map-source definitions into the Mapbook:

<map-source name="google_physical" type="google" google-type="physical">
        <layer name="all"/>

<map-source name="google_streets" type="google" google-type="streets">
        <layer name="all"/>

<map-source name="google_hybrid" type="google" google-type="hybrid">
        <layer name="all"/>

<map-source name="google_satellite" type="google" google-type="satellite">
        <layer name="all"/>

Step 3: Add the Definitions to the Catalog

Google layers can only be used as basemap layers. So when using them as a background it is usually wise to simply create a backgrounds group and allow the user to toggle between the various layers:

<group title="Backgrounds" expand="true" multiple="false">
        <layer title="Streets" src="google_streets/all" status="on"/>
        <layer title="Physical" src="google_physical/all" status="off"/>
        <layer title="Hybrid" src="google_hybrid/all" status="off"/>
        <layer title="Satellite" src="google_satellite/all" status="off"/>