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How To Build GeoMOOSE from source

These instructions apply to the GeoMOOSE 2.6 series.

You will need to rebuild GeoMOOSE from source if you make any changes to the core code. This is because the core code is optimized and minified using the Dojo build system and the output is placed in the htdocs/build directory. geomoose.html is set to use this optimized build because it allow for much faster application load times than using the raw source. While developing, you may find it more convenient to use geomoose_dev.html which bypasses the build system and uses the raw JavaScript sources.

Note: These instructions require you to run the Dojo build system. For now, this means you will need access to a Linux like command line (bash) and have Java or OpenJDK installed in your path. This works trivially on Linux and OS X, and probably works from within Cygwin on Windows, but this has not been tested.

The GeoMOOSE documentation is maintained using reStructured text ( and built into HTML or PDF using Sphinx. Thus, to build the GeoMOOSE documentation from source, you will also need Sphinx installed (

Step 0: Obtain a copy of GeoMOOSE

In can use whatever method you prefer, check out from svn:

svn co geomoose-trunk

Or extract from a tarball.

Step 1: Extract the libraries in libs

From the GeoMOOSE base directory (e.g. geomoose-trunk):

cd htdocs/libs
tar xzf OpenLayers-*.tar.gz
tar xzf dojo-*.tar.gz

Next, run to setup the Dojo build system for GeoMOOSE.


Step 2: Building GeoMOOSE

Again, from the GeoMOOSE base directory, change directories to where the Dojo build system lives. Then, run the build. This will rebuild the files in htdocs/build.:

cd htdocs/libs/dojo-1.6.1/util/buildscripts

Step 3: Building the GeoMOOSE documentation

Again, from the GeoMOOSE base directory, change directories to where the Sphinx source lives. Next, build the source using the supplied Makefile (or make.bat on Windows):

cd sphinx-docs
make html