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config.js Configuration OptionsΒΆ

  • links_bar_html

    HTML to be contained in the bar after the header and before the toolbar.

  • waiting_html

    Message to use when a user is waiting for something to load.

  • mapserver_url

    The URL to use for MapServer-type map sources.

  • control_panel_side

    Change which side on which the control panel resides.

  • mapfile_root

    The filesystem path on which all mapfiles reside. Used for Mapserver-type map sources.

  • mapbook

    The URL to the mapbook. Defaults to php/getmapbook.php.

  • fractional_zoom

    Toggles whether ‘in between’ zooms or strict steps should be supported.

  • scales

    List of scales to be used in the zoom-ladder.

  • max_extent

    The maximum bounding box of the map.

  • initial_extent

    The initial bounding box view of the map.

  • projection

    The projection to be used for the map.

  • ground_units

    Set the ground units of the map. Defaults to ‘m’.

  • catalog_name

    Set the catalog’s label. Defaults to ‘Catalog’

  • group_checkboxes

    Allow entire groups to be toggled on or off with a global checkbox. Defaults to true.

  • flashy_bits

    Toggles Animations on or off. Defaults to true

  • zoomto

    Object representing the zoom to drop downs.

  • jumpto_scales

    Object containing the label:scale values for the scale jumper.

  • startup_service

    Service to call at startup. Defaults to false

  • layer_control_order

    Changes the display order of the layer controls. Stored as an array.

  • layer_controls

    object containing objects describing the layer controls.

  • layer_options.transitionEffect

    OpenLayers defined transition effect for all layers. Defaults to null.

  • layer_options.buffer

    OpenLayers vector layer buffer radius. Defaults to 0.

  • layer_options.ratio

    OpenLayers “ratio” for vector layers. Defaults to 1.

  • catalog.toggle_controls

    Turn on or off the ability to hide the layer controls in the catalog. Defaults to true.

  • catalog.show_controls

    Turn on or off the controls in the catalog. Defaults to true.

  • reference_map

    Not yet implemented.

  • cursor

    Object of CSS cursor definitions

  • cursor.pan

    CSS for pan tool.

  • cursor.zoomout

    CSS for zoomout tool.

  • cursor.zoomin

    CSS for zoomin tool.

  • cursor.measure

    CSS for measure tool.

  • cursor.measurearea

    CSS for measurearea tool.

  • scale_line.enabled

    Toggle whether the scale lien should be displayed on the map. Defaults to true.

  • scale_line.top_units

    What units to display on the top of the scale line.

  • scale_line.bottom_units

    What units to display on the bottom of the scale line.

  • scale_line.width

    The width, in pixels, of the scale line.

  • measure_tool

    options for the measure tools.

  • measure_tool.precision

    Number of digits to display in the readings.


    OpenLayers style object.

  • measure_tool.line_units

    Default units to use for Line measurements.

  • measure_tool.area_units

    Default units to use for Area measurements.

  • default_tool

    Tool to default to when GeoMOOSE.activateDefaultTool is called.

  • popups

    options for controlling the behavior of popups.

  • popups.left_offset

    This is used in conjunction with popup CSS styling to properly position the mouse after a popup has been dragged.

  • services

    Options for controlling the behaviour of services.

  • services.disable_hidden_tabs

    Toggle whether to disable tables when they have been hidden. Defaults to false.

  • messages

    Object of error messages.

  • messages.requirement_failure

    Shown when the user does not fill in a required feild.

  • messages.invalid_tool

    Shown when a user tries to start a tool which is not properly configured.

  • messages.service_config_error

    Shown when an admin does not properly configure the tools for a service.

  • messages.mapbook_invalid

    Shown when the server does not return a valid mapbook contents.

  • message.mapbook_version

    Shown when a user tries to load a 1.X version of the mapbook.

  • mapbook_param_error

    Shown when the mapbook contains an invalid <param> tag.

  • messages.service_return_error

    Shown when a service failes to return valid XML.