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Using GeoServer with GeoMOOSE

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Using Vector Layers

Configuring Vector Layers For Users

Configuration of vector layer is covered elsewhere. This is about how to use them.

1. Turn on the Layer of Interest

In the catalog, click on the check box to turn on the layer to be viewed or edited. If this is a layer fed by a server, such as WFS, there may be a small delay while the feature definitions are downloaded and rendered.

2. Activating the Layer

For vector layers to be used, they need to be “activated” by the user. By default GeoMOOSE uses a small green circular button with a white check-mark embedded within it. Click on this button. If using the default styling the background of this layer will be highlighted with a gold gradient.

3. Using the Layer Tools

Once a layer is activated, then the Layer Tools can be used to manipulate that layer. Layers may or may not support specific tool. If a tool is not supported by a layer, when selected, it will throw an error with an appropriate alter message.

4. Saving Changes

If a layer supports saving changes made to it then use the “Save Changes” menu under the “Layer Tools” menu to save those changes.