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Adding Hover-Over Popups to A Layer

GeoMOOSE supports hover-over popups on both Vector (WFS) and Raster Layers (WMS/MapServer).

Adding Popups To WFS Layers

Adding popups to Vector layers requires adding the HTML template to the map-source configuration and the popups=true attribute to its catalog entry.

The HTML Template

The HTML templates are Dojo-type string templates. They are slighty different than MapServer templates and use ${attribute} formatting:

<map-source ...>
        <div style="font-size: 1.5em">${namelsad}</div>
        Area of Land: ${aland}<br>
        Area of Water: ${awater}<br>
        <a href="${statefp}:${geoid}" target="_blank">Census Info Page</a>

And in the catalog, popups="true" is added to the <layer> entry:

<layer title="Census Cities - WFS" src="census_cities" activate="true" fade="false" unfade="false" metadata="false" legend="false" popups="true"></layer>

Adding Popups to WMS Layers

The demo includes functionality for WMS popups for both points and polygon representations of the Parcels layer.

The steps required:

  1. Create a HTML template.
  2. Enable WMS Queries in the Mapfile.
  3. Enable Popups for the Layer in the Mapbook.

Create a HTML Template

The HTML templates are standard MapServer templates. The reference for them can be found on the MapServer website. This is the example included in the GeoMOOSE Demo:

<!-- MapServer Template -->
<b>PIN:</b> [PIN]<br/>
<b>Owner:</b> [OWNER_NAME]<br/>

<a href="javascript:GeoMOOSE.startService('feature_report', {'src' : 'parcels/parcels', 'PIN' : '[PIN]'});">View Parcel Report</a>

Attributes are substituted using [ and ]. GeoMOOSE can also startup other services from links provided in popups as seen above.

Enable WMS Queries in the Mapfile

MapServer requires a few key elements to be included in order to WMS queries to work.

  1. WEB‘s METADATA must include wms_feature_info_mime_type set to text/html.

                    'wms_feature_info_mime_type' 'text/html'
  2. The LAYER must have a CLASS with a NAME.

  3. The LAYER must also have a template ending in .html:

            NAME 'parcel_points'
                    NAME 'Parcels!'
            # this references the html file above
            TEMPLATE 'parcels_popup.html'

Enable Popups in the Catalog

popups="true" is added to the <layer...> entry in the catalog:

<layer title="Parcel Points" src="parcel_points/parcel_points" popups="true"/>