.. _services_protocol: Service Communication Protocol Reference ======================================== GeoMOOSE service's 'talk back' to GeoMOOSE using either pure HTML or by using the GeoMOOSE 2.0 Service XML format. If a service returns content of type text/html then GeoMOOSE will simply display such content in the 'Results' tab. This type of return has very limited potential as it does not provide a way to control functions in the GeoMOOSE interface. In GeoMOOSE 1.0 we addressed this by using an alternate GeoMOOSE namespace embeded in the HTML. While this was a very technical and generally 'neat' solution it was very difficult to explain and XML was quite under powered as a way to allow services to properly manipulate the user interface. GeoMOOSE 2.0 fixes this by using a new XML format that allows the services to specify Javascript to be run upon loading and HTML to display in the interface. This communication protocol is useful for developers writing their own services. --------- The document element is mainly ignored for now. But it has three children: * Additional resources ------------------------------------------ See also, :ref:`mapbook_services`.