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GeoMOOSE Configuration Options


GeoMOOSE has a plethora of configuration options. All of them can be changed in the mapbook and it is possible to highly customize the interface without writing a single line of code. This document attempts to keep up with the various settings options in order to give the user more control over their GeoMOOSE installation. Organization is arbitrarily alphabetisized (mostly).

How to Change a Setting

Every Mapbook has a <configuration> section. In the <configuration> section there are multiple <param> fields. The <param> fields are how settings are changed from their defaults. For example, to add some HTML to the Links bar:

        <param name="links_bar_html"><![CDATA[This is some html, with a <a href="">link to Google!</a>]]></param>

The Parameters

  • links_bar_html

    HTML to be contained in the bar after the header and before the toolbar.

  • waiting_html

    Message to use when a user is waiting for something to load.

  • mapserver_url

    The URL to use for MapServer-type map sources.

  • control_panel_side

    Change which side on which the control panel resides.

  • mapfile_root

    The filesystem path on which all mapfiles reside. Used for Mapserver-type map sources.

  • mapbook

    The URL to the mapbook. Defaults to php/getmapbook.php.

  • fractional_zoom

    Toggles whether ‘in between’ zooms or strict steps should be supported.

  • scales

    List of scales to be used in the zoom-ladder.

  • max_extent

    The maximum bounding box of the map.

  • initial_extent

    The initial bounding box view of the map.

  • projection

    The projection to be used for the map.

  • ground_units

    Set the ground units of the map. Defaults to ‘m’.

  • catalog_name

    Set the catalog’s label. Defaults to ‘Catalog’

  • flashy_bits

    Toggles Animations on or off. Defaults to true

  • zoomto

    Object representing the zoom to drop downs.

  • jumpto_scales

    Object containing the label:scale values for the scale jumper.

  • startup_service

    Service to call at startup. Defaults to false

  • layer_control_order

    Changes the display order of the layer controls. Stored as an array.

  • layer_controls

    object containing objects describing the layer controls.

  • layer_options.transitionEffect

    OpenLayers defined transition effect for all layers. Defaults to null.

  • layer_options.buffer

    OpenLayers vector layer buffer radius. Defaults to 0.

  • layer_options.ratio

    OpenLayers “ratio” for vector layers. Defaults to 1.

  • catalog.toggle_controls

    Turn on or off the ability to hide the layer controls in the catalog. Defaults to true.

  • catalog.show_controls

    Turn on or off the controls in the catalog. Defaults to true.

  • reference_map

    Not yet implemented.

  • scale_line.enabled

    Toggle whether the scale lien should be displayed on the map. Defaults to true.

  • scale_line.top_units

    What units to display on the top of the scale line.

  • scale_line.bottom_units

    What units to display on the bottom of the scale line.

  • scale_line.width

    The width, in pixels, of the scale line.

  • measure_tool

    options for the measure tools.

  • measure_tool.precision

    Number of digits to display in the readings.


    OpenLayers style object.

  • measure_tool.line_units

    Default units to use for Line measurements.

  • measure_tool.area_units

    Default units to use for Area measurements.

  • default_tool

    Tool to default to when GeoMOOSE.activateDefaultTool is called.

  • popups

    options for controlling the behavior of popups.

  • popups.left_offset

    This is used in conjunction with popup CSS styling to properly position the mouse after a popup has been dragged.

  • popups.clearOnMove

    Toggle whether popups should clear themselves when the user moves from the focus.

  • services

    Options for controlling the behaviour of services.

  • services.disable_hidden_tabs

    Toggle whether to disable tables when they have been hidden. Defaults to false.

  • services.disable_others

    Toggle whether tools and other tabs should be disabled when starting a service.

  • services.cancel_label

    The label for the cancel button in the service tab.


    default tools for spatial steps.


    Show the pan tool for spatial steps.


    Show the edit polygon tool for spatial steps.


    Show the edit draw point for spatial steps.


    Show the edit draw line for spatial steps.


    Show the edit draw polgon for spatial steps.


    Show the edit draw box for spatial steps.


    Select a shape from a vector layer.

  • messages

    Object of error messages.

  • messages.requirement_failure

    Shown when the user does not fill in a required feild.

  • messages.invalid_tool

    Shown when a user tries to start a tool which is not properly configured.

  • messages.service_config_error

    Shown when an admin does not properly configure the tools for a service.

  • messages.mapbook_invalid

    Shown when the server does not return a valid mapbook contents.

  • message.mapbook_version

    Shown when a user tries to load a 1.X version of the mapbook.

  • mapbook_param_error

    Shown when the mapbook contains an invalid <param> tag.

  • messages.service_return_error

    Shown when a service failes to return valid XML.


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