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Fido Search - Quick and Dirty Client Side Searching Tool


In previous versions of GeoMOOSE there was a DynamicZoom extension which would allow the administrator to setup a PHP that would read a data source with lists containing items that would have a label and an extent. This would allow users to choose areas from a wide range of different administrative defined types and zoom to that area.

There were a few problems with this method:

  • These select lists can be rather long. This makes them substantially less useful for users. There was no consistent internal support in
  • GeoMOOSE for generating those lists. That left the generation of the script as an exercise to the installer.

To address these shortcomings, Fido is a new extension and service that provides the user with a partial-string matching quick-pick list. That quick-pick list is defined using similar GeoMOOSE semantics to other services.


Edit site/includes.js and add:



  1. Add fido-search="true" to the <map-source>. From the demo mapbook:

    <map-source name="borders" ... fido-search="true">
  2. In the mapfile ensure the following:
    1. All searchable layers have a PROJECTION element set.

    2. All searchable layers have a “fido_record” template. has an example of a. and b.

    3. The “fido_record” template will look like this (example is for counties from the demo):

      <!-- MapServer Template -->
      {"label" : "[COUNTYNAME] County", "extent" : [[shpext format="$minx,$miny,$maxx,$maxy" proj="epsg:4326"]]}