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How to use a WMS Service in a Different Projection

Not all WMS services use the projection that a GeoMOOSE application may use natively. In this case, it is necessary to reproject the request to display properly.


This method is obsolete. Reprojection in the client never worked particularly well and has been removed. The recommended method is to proxy the results through MapServer, letting MapServer handle the reprojection, and have GeoMoose connect to MapServer as normal.

See for how to create a mapfile that will connect to a WMS service.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before we can do the reprojection both projections must be defined! GeoMOOSE has EPSG:4326 predefined so if the WMS service uses EPSG:4326 you will not need to define this projection. Please review Adding Projections for instructions on creating projections and adding them to the interface.

Step 2: Configure the WMS map-source

To define a WMS map-source in a different projection the projection attribute needs to get set to the projection code:

<map-source name='nasa' type='wms' tiled='false' projection='EPSG:4326'>
        <layer name="global_mosaic"/>
        <param name="format" value="image/jpeg"/>

Step 3: Add the Layer to the Catalog

This is just like any other layer:

<layer title='NASA Global Mosiac' src='nasa/global_mosaic'/>