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How to set the Defaults for the Measure Tools


The measure tool units are defined using configuration parameters. There is a parameter for line measuring units and area measuring units:

  • measure_tool.line_units = mi,ft,m
  • measure_tool.area_units = mi,ft,m,yd,acre
  • mi = Miles
  • ft = Feet
  • m = Meters
  • yd = Yards
  • acre = Acres

All of the area_units specifications are assumed to be square units (for example, mi = Square Miles, for area measurement). This example sets the default units to square Miles:

<param name="measure_tool.area_units">mi</param>


By default the measure tool will display three digits of precision. This can be changed via the measure_tool.precision configuration variable:

<param name="measure_tool.precision">4</param> <!-- measure tool will now display four digits of precision -->