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How to use a WMS Service in a Different Projection

Not all WMS services use the projection that a GeoMOOSE application may use natively. In this case, it is necessary to reproject the request to display properly.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before we can do the reprojection both projections must be defined! GeoMOOSE has EPSG:4326 predefined so if the WMS service uses EPSG:4326 you will not need to define this projection. Please review Adding Projections for instructions on creating projections and adding them to the interface.

Step 2: Configure the WMS map-source

To define a WMS map-source in a different projection the projection attribute needs to get set to the projection code:

<map-source name='nasa' type='wms' tiled='false' projection='EPSG:4326'>
        <layer name="global_mosaic"/>
        <param name="format" value="image/jpeg"/>

Step 3: Add the Layer to the Catalog

This is just like any other layer:

<layer title='NASA Global Mosiac' src='nasa/global_mosaic'/>