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Visible Layers (a.k.a Active Layers)

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Adds the ability to see highlighted feature attributes in a Grid.


ResultsAsGrid is actually a base class. The intention is to create a class the inherits from it and allows customizations based on a local installation.

Create Your Own Grid Class

The demo contains an example of how to create a custom grid in extensions/ResultsAsGrid/DemoResultsAsGrid.js. This includes a demo of working with a subset of all selected features.

To create a bare-minimum grid class, create a new file in the site/ directory named MyGrid.js. This code will create and register a minimal MyGrid class:



dojo.declare('site.MyGrid', extensions.ResultsAsGrid, {


Adding the grid to your site

Edit site/includes.js and add:


Adding Custom Tools

This is where DemoResultsAsGrid really shines. It contains an example of adding a toolbar, adding a button to that toolbar, and working with the data once that button has been clicked.

To add DemoResultsAsGrid to the application add the following to site/includes.js: