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Changing the Projection

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Visible Layers (a.k.a Active Layers)

VisibleLayers.js adds an “Active Layers” tab to GeoMoose that shows layers that have been activated in a user session. This is reminiscent of the Visible Layers tab from GeoMoose 1.x. The tab allows users to work with a (smaller) set of layers after activating them in the Catalog (or potentially from other extensions). The layers in the tab are presented in the current draw order as the map.


This extension is installed by adding VisibleLayers to your site includes.js file. This is done so the extension will be compiled in with the main dojo.js file instead of requiring the browser to fetch the many small files that make up this extension.

  • If it doesn’t already exist, create a site directory next to your geomoose.html file.

  • If it doesn’t already exist, create an includes.js file in the ‘site’ directory.

  • Add the following line to includes.js:

  • (Optional) Test your change by loading geomoose_dev.html in your browser.

  • Rebuild GeoMoose using the script in the libs directory (so that your change will be picked up with the optimized geomoose.html).