How-to add a GeoJSON file

Getting a GeoJSON file

GeoJSON files are stored statically! No MapServer is involved in the serving or rendering of a GeoJSON file with GeoMoose.

A great example is the cities.geojson file. It can be downloaded from here and placed in the the workshop/ directory.

Add the new map-source

In mapbook.xml after line 5 add:

<map-source name="cities" type="geojson">
    <layer name="all-cities">
            "circle-radius" : 5,
            "circle-color": "blue",
            "text-font": ["Arial", "Open Sans Regular"],
            "text-field": "{city}",
            "text-jusitfy": "right",
            "text-anchor": "right"

Add cities to the catalog

  • Find <catalog> in the mapbook.

  • After the <catalog> tag add:

    <layer src="cities/all-cities" title="World Cities" />

Important notes on GeoJSON layers

  1. They cannot yet be used for querying.

  2. They are styled using a subset of MapBox GL Styles.

The package used by GeoMoose to translate the MapBox GL styles to OpenLayers styles is actively being updated and GeoMoose will follow its progress.