How-to start a service (even at startup)

At times it is useful to have a service be the first thing a user sees when the application loads.

To start a service, dispatch the start service action! This example will start the identify service:


Adding the above code at the end of the app.loadMapbook function will have the effect of starting the service at startup.

Starting a service with default values

Field values can be passed into the service and can optionally be executed automatically.

With detailed code comments:

    // the first parameter is the name of the service
    //  as it is registered in the
    // second parameter is the startup options
        // if `autoGo` is true the service will start
        autoGo: true,
        // these values will be mixed-in with the other defaults
        //  defined by the service.
        defaultValues: {
            TERM: 'smith'

The short version:

app.startService('single-search', {autoGo: true, defaultValues: {TERM: 'smith'}});

Adding service-query parameters to startup

Add the following at the end of the loadMapbook handler:


With this code in app.js it is possible to start a service from the URL when GeoMoose is opened. The following example works with the simple search service: