How-to display a raster layer and query as a vector layer

Raster services have limitations. WMS can only support a point-based query and not polygon or attribute based queries. However, vector layers can be more complicated to style and less consistently displayed between different clients. GeoMoose provides a way to have services automatically refer to a vector layer for query operations when using a raster layer.

An example with parcels

This is a cut down example based on the layers in the desktop demo’s mapbook:

<!-- this is the WFS / Vector definition of the layer -->
<map-source name="vector-parcels" type="mapserver-wfs">
    <!-- this tells the WFS service to get parcel features -->
    <param name="typename" value="ms:parcels"/>
    <layer name="parcels" selectable="true">
        <!-- this is where the select template is set. -->
        <template name="select"><![CDATA[
            <div class="select-result">
                <div class="select-label">
                    {{ properties.OWNER_NAME }}
                <div class="select-action">
                    <div style="padding: 2px">
                        <a onClick="app.zoomToExtent([{{ properties.boundedBy | join }}])" class="zoomto-link">
                            <i class="fa fa-search"></i>
                            {{ properties.PIN }}

<!-- This is the WMS version of the parcels layer. -->
<map-source name="parcels" type="mapserver" up="true" down="true" title="Parcels">

    <!-- this is where @query-as is set... -->
    <layer name="parcels" status="on" query-as="vector-parcels/parcels">
        <!-- here is the identify template -->
        <template name="identify" src="./templates/parcels.html" />

How this is processed internally

The parcels layer is served as WMS. But if you look at the <layer name="parcels"> it has a query-as attribute set to vector-parcels/parcels. So a few things happen: 1. When the Select service goes to execute a query, it looks for layers with a template which has the name attribute set to select. parcels/parcels will not have one but because the query-as attribute is set to vector-parcels/parcels it will look for a ‘select’ template there first. It will find the template there and then use vector-parcels/parcels (WFS) instead of parcels/parcels (WMS) to execute the select query. 2. When the Identify service goes to execute a query, it will NOT find the identify template in vector-parcels/parcels but WILL find it in parcels/parcels and use WMS to execute that query.

Only parcels/parcels needs to be turned on! GeoMoose will automatically pick the best source with which to perform the query.

Other notes

The query-as also accepts a list of paths like in the catalog. It could be possible to refer to multiple vector sources for querying. Or even other raster sources for identify-queries.