How-to let the user choose a search layer

Sometimes data is stored across multiple layers and writing multiple instances of the Search service is too laborious for both the administrator and the user. This is an example configuration that will allow searching two different layers, with two different field names, from the same text box.


This example refers to the firestations-wfs layer. This is used in other tutorials and the data is included in the gm3-demo-data repository.

<map-source name="firestations-wfs" type="mapserver-wfs">
    <param name="typename" value="ms:fire_stations" />
    <layer name="fire_stations" selectable="true" title="Firestations">
        <template name="select"><![CDATA[
        <div class="result-item">
            <div class="result-title">
            <b>Station City:</b> {{ properties.Dak_GIS__4 }}<br>
            <b>Station Number:</b> {{ properties.Dak_GIS__5 }}<br>
        <template name="search" alias="select" />

In app.js

app.registerService('super-search', SearchService, {
    fields: [
            type: 'select',
            name: 'layer',
            options: [
                {value: 'vector-parcels/parcels', label: 'Parcel Owners'},
                {value: 'firestations-wfs/fire_stations', label: 'Firestations'}
        }, {
            type: 'text',
            name: 'search-value',
    prepareFields: function(fields) {
        var values = getFieldValues(fields);
        var field_name = {
            'vector-parcels/parcels' : 'OWNER_NAME',
            'firestations-wfs/fire_stations' : 'Dak_GIS__4'
        return [{
            comparitor: 'ilike',
            name: field_name[values['layer']],
            value: values['search-value']
    getSearchLayers: function(searchLayers, fields) {
        return [getFieldValues(fields)['layer']];

In the catalog

        <tool name="super-search" title="Super Search" type="service"/>