How-to customize tabs

Unlike GeoMoose versions 1 and 2, tabs are no longer special, heavily managed JavaScript classes. Tabs are now regular HTML and most elements of the GeoMoose user interface can be placed anywhere in the page.

Example 1: Rename the Super tab to Results

In index.html, find the <span> with the id service-tab-tab. Change the contents from Super to Results.

That’s it!

Example 2: Removing the Visible tab

While some find the concept of a ‘Visible’ or ‘Active’ layers list to be useful, a smaller catalog or more limited version of the application would not need such a feature.

  1. Open index.html and find visible-layers-tab.

  2. Then find the <div> with id visible-layers and remove it.

  3. Now open app.js and remove this line (approx. line 83):

app.add(gm3.components.VisibleLayers, 'visible-layers');