How-to customize result tools

GeoMoose can be configured to off the user additional options for results in the Super Tab.

Service results configuration options

When adding a service, administrators can configure which tools are available to a user using the results configuration object.

Here is an example adding buffer all and removing the count of layers:

app.registerService('select', SelectService, {
    // set the default layer
    defaultLayer: 'vector-parcels/parcels',
    keepAlive: true,
    results: {
        showBufferAll: true,
        showLayerCount: false

Available options

  • showFeatureCount - Defaults to true. Show the count of features.

  • showLayerCount - Defaults to true. Show the number of layers queried.

  • showBufferAll - Defaults to false. Tool to buffer all result features.

  • showZoomToAll - Defaults to true. Tool to zoom to all result features.