How-to add Select to a layer

Select operations are only supported on vector, geojson, ags-vector, wfs, and mapserver-wfs map-source types.

Add a supported vector map-source

This how-to references the firestations source and fire_stations layer. For more information on setting those up in your local demo, read the:doc:./add-a-layer guide. This example creates a WFS-source for the Firestations layer.

Add the following to mapbook.xml:

<map-source name="firestations-wfs" type="mapserver-wfs">
    <param name="typename" value="ms:fire_stations" />
    <layer name="fire_stations" selectable="true" title="Firestations">
        <template name="select"><![CDATA[
        <div class="result-item">
            <div class="result-title">
            <b>Station City:</b> {{ properties.Dak_GIS__4 }}<br>
            <b>Station Number:</b> {{ properties.Dak_GIS__5 }}<br>

The important bits

The above defines the entire map-source but the following is what enables the layer to be used for select:

  1. In <map-source ...>, type="mapserver-wfs": WFS is the OGC Web Feature Serice.

WFS servers emit actual vector features definitions and not rendered maps.

You must have a <param name="typename" ...> in the <map-source ...> for the wfs to be valid

  1. In <layer ...>, selectable="true": This tells GeoMoose the layer can be used for selections.

  2. Inside of <layer...> there is a <template name="select">: This will be the template used by GeoMoose to render features that have been selected. If the template is not present then the layer will not make itself available to select.