How-to configure to select from list

This how-to provides instructions to configure the select tool to select from a list of layers. By default users can select from any layer that has been configured to be selectable in the mapbook.xml configuration. However, it may be useful to configure the select tool so that users can select from groups related layers, or even create separate select tools that can only select a single layer.

Add your layers to select

This how-to references both the source and layer for the fire stations and parcels datasets. For more information on setting those up in your local demo, read the:doc:./add-a-layer guide.

Add your select tool

Now you need to add your new select service to your app.js configuration file. Add this code:

// specify service with list of available selections:
        app.registerService('select-list', SelectService, {

       // Uncomment title parameter if you wish to change the service title
       // title: 'Select Taxlots',

          fields: [{
            type: 'select',
            // specify default layer
            default: 'vector-parcels/parcels',
            // specify and label list of layers
            options: [
              {value: 'vector-parcels/parcels', label: 'Parcels'},
              {value: 'firestations-wfs/fire_stations', label: 'Fire Stations'},

Modify the ‘map-source/layer’ parameters and labels for your specific datasets. You can add more layers by adding additional values and labels, or you can remove layers if you wish to create a tool for selecting a specific dataset.

Add your tool to the toolbar

Finally, add your new tool to the toolbar section in your mapbook.xml configuration file:

<tool name="select-list" title="Select Features" type="service"/>